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No subject is taboo with me. I pride myself on being an open and honest person and I like to vent. One of my favorite topics is discussing sorry a$$ people. So take this ride with me and look at life through my mind's eye. You may agree or disagree but you will be entertained in a thought provoking manner. By the way I hope you don't have sensitive ears.

Friday, July 10, 2009

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Written for those who often have no voice of their own.


People look upon me with indifference
As though I am inhuman
Less than others
This perception sometimes makes me want to hide
Needing to escape the inequality
Forced upon me daily
My situation is not of my doing
Yet I make the most of it

It is my belief that everyone is disabled
Mine is just physical and obvious to the eye
So many people have a disabled thought process
Which enables them to continuously place themselves
In bad situations
After making inept decisions

It’s funny when you think about it
I pity those who unnecessarily pity me
Their feelings are based on ignorance
Because I live a happy fulfilled life
I don’t have to wonder about who I am

You see
I learned the identity
Of my strengths and weaknesses a long time ago
While you continue to trod along
Mired in a fog of disillusion
Thinking you possess an advantage
Over people like me

In reality
Your advantage only exists in your mind
While able in body
You are still searching for happiness,
The sense of contentment
That I have already found,
I may have a physical disability
But my mind is quite able
And my life’s path is well defined

Air McNair's Fatal Error

I am a very huge football fan and have followed Steve McNair's career ever since he played at Alcorn State University. When he first entered the league the appearance of a black quarterback being allowed to actually play quarterback, still was not commonplace, and he managed to do so with grit, determination, desire, and talent. He was a joy to watch.

I am also well versed in the pursuits of women. Prior to undergoing a philosophical change of my own I made my share of rounds and never did I focus on class distinction. I did, however, manage to avoid the hood rat flu and in most cases the hoochie blues, two conditions which I knew could shorten you life span and have you listed forever in the dummy files. There is one major difference between me and Mr. McNair, I'm not rich so if I was with someone broke, no big deal. I'm a city worker. Steve you were a pro baller, and one of the best at that. After hearing of the recent tragedy I only had but one question.

Nigg@ what was you thinking, a Dave and Busters employee, really? I mean were there no more women at Chuck E Cheese or at McDonalds for him to scope out. Maybe he was trying to start a new charity entitled, " Buy a broke girl a whip", or " The Teenagers who need NFL D!ck Foundation." Maybe she won,"the take a waitress to the beach" contest and he just got caught up seeing her in that life jacket. Steve hooked her up with the keys to his crib and had the nerve to go recruit another youngster to his team. This last item may have been was set "O-Girl" off. Either way he violated rule number one, if you feel you must cheat, and I'm not going to judge him on that, upgrade don't downgrade. I'm not judging him on the wife part because having been married you never know what he may have been going through there. Now as I said in an earlier post you cannot risk releasing the full lunacy of a woman and you tend to increase your chances substantially when you are being scandalous. Did he know she was crazy, probably not, but he should have sensed it. He should have picked up on the fact that her behavior was changing as evidenced with the drunk driving episode. He should definitely have known that outside of the pu-nanny (sex for those not hoodalized) and maybe some amount of discretion she had nothing to offer him.

When Dirk Nowitzki has baby mama problems you know it is time to get out of the game. I mean when drama affects a German B-Baller what chance did an NFL brother really have? It is a tragic end to a storied life and career but one that again raises the age old question, "Is the grass really greener on the other side"?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

If you know her, help her.


You look upon her as a woman
Yet treat her as a child
Dissecting her self esteem
To make you feel more like a man
Although she is your wife
She is unable to birth a new life
You submerse her in guilt
Tendering her indebted to you
You seem happiest when she is humble
Proudest when she is submissive
Content when she feels unfulfilled
Because your needs have been met
And that is the role you have defined for her

She is connected to you
Yet alone
Trapped in a silence
Which, is agonizingly loud
You tell her you love her
To validate your actions
A love, she never questions
She must believe in your love
To justify her existence
She’s been conditioned,
That she is a victim of abuse,
Because she’s never been struck,
Or spoken to with a profane tongue,
Just condemned, to a life of servitude
In which her identity
Slowly fades,
Fades into obscurity

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Let me tell you about your girl....

I can't tell you how many conversations I have that start off like this, "Man let me tell you about your girl, she is crazy." I want to know why they always become "my girl" after they have been deemed to be crazy. My personal belief is that all women are a little crazy and that this is a good thing because it keeps things interesting. The problem is some men tend to unleash their full lunacy. If you come into the relationship playing games don't act shocked when the tables turn on you. I know someone who's wife sho nuff is a fool, but was she at the beginning, I think maybe not. My man came in telling her he was Denzel and Bill Gates wrapped up into one person but in reality he may have been Turtle from Entourage and that brutha who still thinks a curl is fly. Problem is he convinced himself into believing the first part and she was foolish enough to believe it. Second he may have told her he was a virgin when in fact he had six kids by six crazy women and three grand kids. Lastly he just may have said he that he matriculated at Harvard failing to mention that it was Harvard Prep High School.

Now on to her, she has the "Daddy Complex", still wrapped up into her parents and is looking for a man just like daddy without actually realizing "Daddy really ain't sh1t". So whoever gets her gets the whole family, daily, in every aspect of their life, which is a big negative. She has a kid and the father ran away from her like the Klan was on his a$$. This was reflective of her just as much as him and should have been a red flag for my man. By the way she banks much more $ than him which initially was understood and not a problem. She also thinks sex is like BBQ ribs, to only be enjoyed on special occasions.

Men listen to this, always come in as yourself that way all your cards are on the table from the jump. In this particular case the wife now torments the man stating that he ain't this and that he ain't that, even though she learned the truth about him early on, well most of them. She knew most of it prior to marriage, and was patient knowing that one day his potential would be realized. It changed when the girlfriend connection deployed. You know the collection of hurt, broken disgruntled women who are always looking for new members. To make matters worse her mother is the president. Well guess what, they got her and she is mentally gone from you, maybe forever.

If you want her back and things are not to far gone you both must communicate and develop a set of realistic expectations for each other. From there you must eliminate all of the negative people from your relationship and agree to respect each other. Set aside time dedicated specifically towards relearning what attracted you to each other in the first place. I cannot stress this next part enough, THE DRAWS MUST COME OFF ON A REGULAR BASIS. If you want to be his only woman then you need to sex him like every woman and remain the object of his affections. Be honest about everything. Lastly money should not be a factor when determining the success or failure in a marriage.

The moral: you cannot build a relationship based on lies. Lies will bring out the worst in anyone. She wasn't without secrets either but all you can be responsible for is your actions. If a woman doesn't want you for who you are then she is not the one. Pretending to be someone else only works if you are making a movie. In the future if you have to start over come correct with her and you may find something special.

First post - Death of MJ

We recently lost an Icon who was no doubt the greatest entertainer of our generation and of all time. It angers me when the media makes a decision to belittle his name and reputation, even in death, instead of reveling in the magic that was Michael. We will never see such an entertainer again beloved worldwide, by every type of human that walks this earth, by people of all ages. Who else can state such a claim? People of prominence have always had naysayers and opportunists around them seeking to gain infamy by tearing down and idol or capitalizing financially in some form or fashion. This is what the parents of the two accusers did. They were not seeking jail time; they knew of his innocence. These people none of whom were financially stable were looking for settlements were placed in this position because Michael trusted in too many people and expected people to behave as he would have in a similar situation. It was clear to those with open eyes and minds that this man experienced a terrible childhood, yet utilized his tremendous resources and dedicated his life to providing as many children as possible with the opportunity that he never had; to have a normal fun filled, and functional childhood. This is not to mention all of his other charitable endeavors dedicated to the betterment of the welfare of the earth and is people as a whole.

Place Michael where he belongs on top of his pop kingdom because he gave far too much to be demeaned. Elvis is still treated as a king and was legendary for stealing the music of lesser known black artists and making millions off of there labor as well as engaging in realtions with underage girls. These things were proven and he is idolized whereas Michael's allegations were disproven by a court of law and he is still demonized. I not saying he was a saint, none of us are, but I am saying that if you really listen to his lyrics, you will gain better insight into the person, that was Michael Jackson. Michael's homegoing celebration was tremendous but I was disappointed that people such as Oprah, Prince, and Chris Brown all of whom the king impacted directly were invisible during this important time in American history and in the culture of African Americans. Michael was the greatest entertainer and the greatest humanitarian all wrapped up in the form of one glorious individual, who enhanced the life of everyone blessed with experiencing his talent, even the ones who won't admit it. Billions of people worldwide prouldy stated their love and admiration for Michael, a love which will span all time, and we can't all be wrong.