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No subject is taboo with me. I pride myself on being an open and honest person and I like to vent. One of my favorite topics is discussing sorry a$$ people. So take this ride with me and look at life through my mind's eye. You may agree or disagree but you will be entertained in a thought provoking manner. By the way I hope you don't have sensitive ears.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Written for those who often have no voice of their own.


People look upon me with indifference
As though I am inhuman
Less than others
This perception sometimes makes me want to hide
Needing to escape the inequality
Forced upon me daily
My situation is not of my doing
Yet I make the most of it

It is my belief that everyone is disabled
Mine is just physical and obvious to the eye
So many people have a disabled thought process
Which enables them to continuously place themselves
In bad situations
After making inept decisions

It’s funny when you think about it
I pity those who unnecessarily pity me
Their feelings are based on ignorance
Because I live a happy fulfilled life
I don’t have to wonder about who I am

You see
I learned the identity
Of my strengths and weaknesses a long time ago
While you continue to trod along
Mired in a fog of disillusion
Thinking you possess an advantage
Over people like me

In reality
Your advantage only exists in your mind
While able in body
You are still searching for happiness,
The sense of contentment
That I have already found,
I may have a physical disability
But my mind is quite able
And my life’s path is well defined

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