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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First post - Death of MJ

We recently lost an Icon who was no doubt the greatest entertainer of our generation and of all time. It angers me when the media makes a decision to belittle his name and reputation, even in death, instead of reveling in the magic that was Michael. We will never see such an entertainer again beloved worldwide, by every type of human that walks this earth, by people of all ages. Who else can state such a claim? People of prominence have always had naysayers and opportunists around them seeking to gain infamy by tearing down and idol or capitalizing financially in some form or fashion. This is what the parents of the two accusers did. They were not seeking jail time; they knew of his innocence. These people none of whom were financially stable were looking for settlements were placed in this position because Michael trusted in too many people and expected people to behave as he would have in a similar situation. It was clear to those with open eyes and minds that this man experienced a terrible childhood, yet utilized his tremendous resources and dedicated his life to providing as many children as possible with the opportunity that he never had; to have a normal fun filled, and functional childhood. This is not to mention all of his other charitable endeavors dedicated to the betterment of the welfare of the earth and is people as a whole.

Place Michael where he belongs on top of his pop kingdom because he gave far too much to be demeaned. Elvis is still treated as a king and was legendary for stealing the music of lesser known black artists and making millions off of there labor as well as engaging in realtions with underage girls. These things were proven and he is idolized whereas Michael's allegations were disproven by a court of law and he is still demonized. I not saying he was a saint, none of us are, but I am saying that if you really listen to his lyrics, you will gain better insight into the person, that was Michael Jackson. Michael's homegoing celebration was tremendous but I was disappointed that people such as Oprah, Prince, and Chris Brown all of whom the king impacted directly were invisible during this important time in American history and in the culture of African Americans. Michael was the greatest entertainer and the greatest humanitarian all wrapped up in the form of one glorious individual, who enhanced the life of everyone blessed with experiencing his talent, even the ones who won't admit it. Billions of people worldwide prouldy stated their love and admiration for Michael, a love which will span all time, and we can't all be wrong.


  1. This is a wonderful first blog and I agree with everything you stated. Now, I know that won't happen all the time, but what you wrote here was from the heart and a sentiment that is shared by billions all over the world. And no G, we can't all be wrong.


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  3. Thank you Waset I think there were two key remarks made by people over the course of the this past week first, Michael provided the soundtrack to our lives and second it's a shame that he had to die in order to be appreciated.

  4. I haven't done my write up on Mike yet. Thus, I'm sure you will find more key remarks about him there.


  5. Michael was not just an artist. He was a pioneer. For example look at how videos have been made since Beat It first hit MTV! So many copycats have tried to duplicate and flat out imitate his style. Many have tried but yet no one can come close to him. His music had it's own style most would call it "Pop" I just call it music. He was the King of Music in my eyes.

    While morons like Sheppard Smith and I'm sure Bill O'Reilly had something negative to say about him. I just fill with disgust towards them. This man has passed on and yet they find it humorous to step on his throat. Let it go. Stop badgering my man. He has done so much for so many. He was truly as blessing not just to us but to all who walked this Earth. R.I.P MJ. You are in a better place. Your music will live on forever.

  6. "Never have so few done so much for so many." --Silky Slim