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Friday, July 10, 2009

Air McNair's Fatal Error

I am a very huge football fan and have followed Steve McNair's career ever since he played at Alcorn State University. When he first entered the league the appearance of a black quarterback being allowed to actually play quarterback, still was not commonplace, and he managed to do so with grit, determination, desire, and talent. He was a joy to watch.

I am also well versed in the pursuits of women. Prior to undergoing a philosophical change of my own I made my share of rounds and never did I focus on class distinction. I did, however, manage to avoid the hood rat flu and in most cases the hoochie blues, two conditions which I knew could shorten you life span and have you listed forever in the dummy files. There is one major difference between me and Mr. McNair, I'm not rich so if I was with someone broke, no big deal. I'm a city worker. Steve you were a pro baller, and one of the best at that. After hearing of the recent tragedy I only had but one question.

Nigg@ what was you thinking, a Dave and Busters employee, really? I mean were there no more women at Chuck E Cheese or at McDonalds for him to scope out. Maybe he was trying to start a new charity entitled, " Buy a broke girl a whip", or " The Teenagers who need NFL D!ck Foundation." Maybe she won,"the take a waitress to the beach" contest and he just got caught up seeing her in that life jacket. Steve hooked her up with the keys to his crib and had the nerve to go recruit another youngster to his team. This last item may have been was set "O-Girl" off. Either way he violated rule number one, if you feel you must cheat, and I'm not going to judge him on that, upgrade don't downgrade. I'm not judging him on the wife part because having been married you never know what he may have been going through there. Now as I said in an earlier post you cannot risk releasing the full lunacy of a woman and you tend to increase your chances substantially when you are being scandalous. Did he know she was crazy, probably not, but he should have sensed it. He should have picked up on the fact that her behavior was changing as evidenced with the drunk driving episode. He should definitely have known that outside of the pu-nanny (sex for those not hoodalized) and maybe some amount of discretion she had nothing to offer him.

When Dirk Nowitzki has baby mama problems you know it is time to get out of the game. I mean when drama affects a German B-Baller what chance did an NFL brother really have? It is a tragic end to a storied life and career but one that again raises the age old question, "Is the grass really greener on the other side"?


  1. I don't know if the grass is greener since I can't find a gardener who is not illegal. Yeah, i know right??

    I don't know what to think right now about McNair. He and Vick were my absolute favorite QB's. McNeezy went out sleezy, but that was his choice. Had he had another sista on the side, he'd be somewhere drinking a beer right now. I choose not to judge him on what he was doing, since I am of the opinion that most men do or would do the same thing he did. the questions are bigger than I am prepared to address right now, but I will be back.

  2. No the grass wasn't greener on the other side. It was DIRT!!!! So many peole want to say he got what he deserved. While I don't agree with that. I do feel he put himself in a hostile situation dating someone who never had a chance to truly see what life can offer you. She was far too young to deal with all the things he was throwing at her left and right. So once he got tired of hittin' it and found another piece of booty, she flipped out. Like you said the writing was on the wall. The DUI situation should have let him know "man I gotta break camp on this girl". Change the locks get a TRO, Temporary restraining order for those who are not use to acronyms.

    I feel bad because I did enjoy watching him play. He made a lot of the announcers stop calling him a black quarterback and just a quarterback!! I think he shose her because of the fact she was a nobody and due to the fact of where she worked it wouldn't be public knowledge. But if ur going to step out on any woman, like Gman said upgrade man!!